Commercial Locksmith Service

Commercial Locksmith Services Near Your Area

A locksmith that offers commercial services is familiar with the security solutions used for business and retail spaces. They can install things like panic bars and magnetic locks that comply with handicap and fire code regulations.

They can also rekey locks if employees leave or lose their keys, which minimizes inventory loss and theft. They can even repair faulty door frames and closers.


Rekeying is a process where the lock’s internal pins are replaced so that the original key cannot open the door. It is a less expensive option than replacing the entire lock and offers some of the same security benefits.

This service is useful for business owners whose employees are prone to leaving doors unlocked or failing to return company keys. A rekey allows the business owner to limit access to specific areas, and may also help minimize inventory or equipment loss.

Rekeying is done by a locksmith using specialized tools like chamber picks, plug followers and tumbler picking tools. The tools fit into a lock’s keyhole and manipulate the inner workings to change the pin configuration without damaging the locks. Rekeying requires patience and careful handling of tiny pins.


Businesses have a lot of sensitive information like working documents and inventory. These need to be secured from thieves and a reliable locksmith service is essential.

Professional Commercial Locksmith Service can help with a wide range of business security issues such as installing new locks, creating master key systems, and lock repair. They can also create copies of existing keys or replace lost ones.

Another service they offer is helping companies install security technologies, such as video surveillance. They can advise on the best types of cameras and locking mechanisms to keep a business safe and secure. They can also set up mag locks or magnetic locks that are extremely difficult to break. These are perfect for offices and warehouses. They are also ideal for areas where access needs to be restricted.

Key Cutting

Locksmiths can create spare keys quickly and accurately. This can help you avoid the cost of a replacement lock and let you share access to your property with family members, roommates, employees, or neighbors.

Using a standard key duplicator machine, the original key is fitted into a vice on one side and a blank is placed in a parallel vise on the other. Then, a key guide is moved over the blank to choose the cut depth, and a blade cuts the key.

This process may seem simple enough, but there are many factors involved in creating a high-quality key. This is why most locksmiths use a decoder, shown in the bottom left and center of this collage, to ensure that duplicate keys are accurate and will fit correctly.

Cabinet and Desk Locks

Many businesses have sensitive or confidential paperwork that is stored in desks and cabinets. A commercial locksmith can provide security upgrades to these areas to help prevent data loss or theft.

Cabinet and desk locks can become faulty over time. A locksmith can repair or replace them. They can also install additional security measures like electric strikes that can be operated manually or automatically.

A Commercial Locksmith Service can create duplicate keys for office furniture locksets that are keyed alike. They can also create keys from the existing lock itself if there are no copies available. They can also install panic bars and push bars to comply with fire code requirements for doors. They can also replace door knobs with cylindrical locks to be more fire and safety compliant.

Electric Strikes

An electric strike is an electromechanical device that works alongside mechanical lock devices to secure doors. They typically replace the standard door strike faceplate and provide a ramped surface that the mechanical latch closes against and retracts into when the door is closed. An electronic control system (usually a key card, fob, code, or release button) activates the strike and disengages the gate so access can occur.

Some types of electric strikes are fail secure, which means that the gate remains locked during a power outage, keeping your facility and people safe in the event of a fire. Fail-secure strikes are necessary for fire rated openings and are required by many life safety codes.

Quality electric strike hardware is built to last and backed by a manufacturer warranty. It’s also certified by UL and ANSI to meet industry standards.